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Welcome and Hello 💜

Blogging about a health & beauty line.......

No no no no, blogging about my home-made skincare products! 👏🏻

I figured this would be the most easily accessible way to let everyone know what's coming and tips for your quarantine or "home" skin care.

It all started at the beginning of quarantine; I have always been a "Germaphobe" but this new "mystery illness" (Covid) had me on my toes! Washing, bleaching, lysol-ing, sanitizing and by the end of week 2 my hands couldn't take it!! 🧘🏻‍♀️

Why are they dry? Why do they feel worse than elephant skin? Why does the sanitizer burn my cracked dry hands😭

I said to myself 🖐🏻 "No more! You know how to fix this!"

I set out to create a very basic formulation for hand sanitizer and it was a success! Left my hands much better, but not soft and silky like before all the cleaners and sanitizers took their toll! 🙌🏻

There had to be a way I could create a sanitizing moisturizing cream for my cracked and dry hands! 🤔

I created a hand sanitizer cream that contains literally 4 ingredients and leaves your hands softer than cashmere. It's the only thing that's saved my poor skin in these "odd" times.

For years I've taken pride in homeopathic remedies in caring for my family, even suggesting remedies to others, so it was no surprise to my family this was the vision I had, creating a homemade, basic skin care line with the most basic ingredients made right from my home! I'm sure you are thinking I'm some crazy hippy chick, ✌🏻 you aren't wrong 😁 but if what you think about me stops you from trying the best hand sanitizer or hand sanitizing cream I can make, I'm so very sorry for you cause this stuff is BOMB 💣

If you don't believe me just try it for yourself! 😉

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