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We are almost officially "In Business".........

I am over the moon excited to see how this all ends up working out! I don't have much left to put into the business after spending all of my savings, but I am currently looking into a few products that will be sold with our products. Investment. You don't actually understand that word until you are putting all you have, time and monetarily into something you believe in with every fiber of your being. There is so much in store and really I can't wait to share the products I have been using for the last three years with everyone! I would not be standing beside and behind my products if I hadn't been using them myself! What's better than being your own walking billboard?

If I didn't have faith that this would be the best thing that I could make happen, I wouldn't have jumped out of my safety net & comfort zone and taken the leap to start my own business! I have amazing support on the home front, I have awesome products I use on a daily basis, and I have the drive to make this business flourish! All things I will definitely be proving in the near future! I am blogging as of right now, soon it will turn into Vlogging, I have to get all our social media sites connected and ready to go, which I am currently working on. I never thought I would have so much to do, and my to do list just keeps getting longer, but I am okay with that, no scratch that, I am ecstatic about it! I am hoping I can get people excited enough to try our products, because once you do, I promise you will love them and never go back to what you were using before!

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