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The face bar that saved my skin.

If I didn't try this out for myself and actually believe that it would work, I don't think I'd be able to be typing up this post! I've suffered from adult acne for a little over 10 years now, now when I say suffered, I mean SUFFERED! It's been cystic, it's been painful, I've used every facewash under the sun to try to control the current blemishes and any future breakouts. After some time and about 20 different facewashes I realized I had a sulfur allergy, what's found in a lot of the "acne fighting" facewashes? You guessed it, sulfur or some form of it! So I changed shampoo and conditioner, I tried the Tick Tok craze of the gold Dial soap, vitamin e and tee tree oil, it sort of worked, but not the way I wanted it to! I was still getting some minor break outs here and there, I was uncomfortable, I just needed something to fight this acne. I was beyond frustrated, as I was making my first batch of hand soap, it dawned on me! I needed to create a sulfur free face bar! I have been using this bar now every day for 27 days, it's the only face bar I've been able to wash my face with and actually SEE the difference in my skin, it's helping the scarring left behind by the pesky breakouts and the moisturization it leaves on my face is on point! A lot of the face washes I had tried would leave my face feeling dry, this is different, this face bar has changed my LIFE! I don't say that just because I created it either, I say it because I use it every day and it's made the biggest impact on my acne, I will not release a product that I don't use myself, this soap seriously changed my life! Even now, when I feel a blemish or pimple surfacing, I'll wash twice a day instead of my usual once a day routine with this soap and it goes away in a snap! Try it for yourself! You will notice a drastic difference within 30 days, that's my personal guarantee!

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