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It all started with a Synonym.

Barele Paws has been my dream now for over 3 years, but how did I come up with the name??

Bare is actually a synonym for the term antibacterial. Seeing our first product was hand sanitizer, how could I resist?!? I decided on Barele Paws to not only explain us and what we do, we're always trying to use the least amount of ingredients in each mixture, but also to feed the animal lover portion of my soul. Barele Paws was then born! Never tested on animals, no dyes, our lotions, scrubs, tattoo spit and soaps are all alcohol free! We pride ourselves on the creation of our products and delivering high quality products in every order! If you haven't tried our products yet, what are you waiting for?!?!

Use code B2G1 at checkout, all products are buy two get one free! You can mix and match!

Pick your product. Pick your scent. It's that easy! 💜🫶🏼

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