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Have you seen the picture proof yet?

When I started this business, I had my mother and I in mind, we've always been "germaphobes" and even before Covid we were sticklers on sanitizers and washing our hands regularly. With that said, I've continued to create high quality products we both use daily, so when I created my cuticle oil pen she was beyond excited! That's when I decided to start taking pictures of the growth of my nails every week while I used the pen, that way I had the growth documented in pictures I could then share with anyone who would listen or read about these awesome cuticle oil pens! I always try to keep my ingredients to a minimum and use the purest of ingredients I can. I can also add any essential oil to the pens to make it smell like whatever you wish!

Pick your product. Pick your scent. It's that easy!

Here it is! 6 weeks of growth using our cuticle oil pen!

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