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Fall into Fall with Barele Paws

Our fall scent line has dropped! Below you'll find a description of each Fall Scent.

Bonfire: tis the season to step outside and enjoy the roar and the crackling of a good ol bonfire! Our bonfire smells like you're sitting fireside after a long week, time to kick back and relax!

Toasted Marshmallow: Smells like a good time! A hint of bonfire mixed with that sweet sugary goodness, the perfect fall combo!

Jack O Lantern: This one smells just like Gram's homemade pumpkin pie!

Autumn Evening: Smells like a nice evening walk as the sun sets and the chill in the air reminds you that summer is finally over as the leaves crunch beneath your feet!

Fall Forest: It's that time of year to take a drive and photograph the amazing fall foliage! As you get out of the car, cool fresh mountain air and falling leaves hits your nostrils!

Candy Corn: you don't have to like how it tastes to enjoy this classic fall scent!

Sugared Maize: This one smells like fresh caramel covered popcorn!

Candy Apple: The perfect mix of sweet, ripened apples dipped in that tasty candy coating!

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