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Alcohol Free Products...............

Grab your favorite lotion or soap, look at the ingredients on the back, I can bet my last dollar they're using alcohol. Why would they do that? Because it dries out and cracks your hands, especially the drier times of year. It makes it so your skin becomes dependent on those products the first time you use them. Our hand sanitizers are the only product we offer that contain alcohol, obviously for the sanitizing purpose. Using high quality essential oils, we can insure you will never receive a cream or bar of soap that contains alcohol to dry out your skin, that would defeat the purpose of the product after all. I'm going to take you back three years, back to when the virus had first broke the news waves, I was already a germaphobe, always washing my hands, using hand sanitizer, it just got worse with a serious sickness going around. I'd wash my hands almost excessively, my hands got so dried out and cracked I'd have to put cream on them, NOTHING I was putting on my hands was helping the pain I would have to endure just to wash or sanitize my hands! I grabbed the soap and cream I was using and sure enough, alcohol was on the ingredient list! OF COURSE IT WAS! That's how they get you to keep coming back to buy more of their products! The only way I saw my skin improving was creating my own products, so I knew EXACTLY what I was putting on my now severely damaged skin. I haven't turned back since and now when I use those other products it's almost immediately that my skin starts to react to the alcohol, great selling technique for those big-time mass production companies sure but I take pride in knowing I offer a product that is made to order, specially created with your skin quality in mind, to do a job that the big guys can't, my products will leave your skin soft and hydrated not dry and needing more because of alcohol! If you don't believe me, try out my soap or cream, if you're not entirely satisfied, we do offer a return policy! I don't want you to just take my word for it, I want you to see why I use the products I make on a daily basis!

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